Viva La Ukulele
UkuTuner is part of the UkuWorld network and is here to offer you an easy-to-use ukulele tuner to keep your ukulele in tune without the need of a tuning device. Simply click on the tuning peg belonging to string you would like to tune. The note will repeat itself 5 times.

This tuner works for the following tunings. The first one is the "standard" or "C" tuning being GCEA. The second one is commonly called "English" or "D" tuning (ADF#B), it is 2 frets (1 step) higher than the standard (C) tuning (GCEA). The last one is the standard tuning for baritone ukuleles (DGBE), this is the same tuning as the first four strings of a standard guitar.
More about tuning? Take a look at UkuGuides' tuning guide.